Dragon’s features.

It took me a long time to decide the features for the dragons and I hope this will work.

Odd number dragons will be snaky, kind of like the Chinese dragon.

Even number dragons will stand on four legs.

The number dragons from 1-10 will be baby dragons coming out of their egg. (this is not exactly a feature, but is cute and fun)

Dragon numbers divided by 3 will have one horn.

Numbers divided by 6 will have 2 horns.

Numbers divided by 9 will have three horns.

Numbers divided by 4 will have wings

Numbers divided by 5 will have ears (according to my son that’s crazy because all dragons have ears, but we are keeping it for now due to the lack of ideas and making it visible or big ears)

Numbers divided by 7 have pointy tails.

Numbers divided by 8 have a mane.

I like this one! Numbers divided by 10 have two heads.

So that’s it. Tomorrow we start drawing.

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