Dragon Times in the classroom.

“Dragon Times” in the classroom

  • If students are playing the game for the first time you can just show them all the dragons (maybe give a few to each team) and let them discover the features. Once they spot the patterns the game will become more interesting.
  •  “Dragon Times Bingo” is a good way to get many children involved in the game. Instead of a bingo card, the children get a few Dragons each, depending on the number of children in the class.You can always mix two dragon decks if the children are more. The teacher or a student become the wizard. They separate the spell cards in two decks facing down. They take one card from each deck and announce the numbers. (For example 3×4). The student that has the Dragon with the number 12 gets to save their Dragon. The students can use the Wizard’s spell book (times table). The first student to save all their dragons win.
  • My boys and their friends love to play “Dragon times”. My 11-year-old boy keeps on coming up with new ways to play the game. He and his friend have designed a few variations of the game. “Dragon Race”, “Dragon Realms”, and a few more that are still in the testing stage. It might be a good idea to let your students think of a new game using the material from Dragon times. You will be surprised.
  • Another activity that you can try with your students, especially the ones that have mastered Times tables, is to ask them to design their own dragon based on the on the Dragon times features. The number needs to be bigger than hundred and with at least 4 factors. (to avoid prime numbers). Mixing art and math is always fun!