The spell book!

My seven year old son had a wonderful idea today. We were trying to figure out how to make the times table part of the story. Our story has a villain, spells, dragons, a kingdom in danger and a captured wizard. He suggested that the times table could be the wizard’s spell book that he sent to you for help. I loved his idea and I added more to it. One side will have the times table and the other will look like an actual spell book with the name of the game and the pictures of the spells. Next step is to finalize the name of the game. Our favorites are: TimeSpells,... Read More

The story

The story! I believe we have finally finalized the story behind the game. At least for now! Here it goes: The sorcerer of evil, Baron Von Crux, has captured the protectors of the kingdom, the Amazing Dragons of Times. He is planning to use them in his vicious plans to overthrow the king and create havoc and distraction. The Master of the dragons, the Dragon Wizard is also captured and is asking for your help. Save the dragons and tame them so that they can save their master and their kingdom. Everything you need to know it’s in the secret message from the Dragon... Read More

Designing the spell cards

Good news! My advisors agree with the mini game so I will work on the spinner once all the dragons are done. Here is the new design of the spell cards with the symbol in the middle. Maybe is too... Read More

Adding a spinner!

While the dragons are still a work in progress, I had another idea. We were trying to figure out a mini game in which players will use their saved dragons. So here’s the game: I thought about designing a spinner, a circle divided in twelve parts, and every part will have one of the dragon’s features (pointy tail, horns, mane) and the specific factor or property of the number that the feature shows. See previous post? Once they save their dragons, the players will tame them using the spinner. All the players choose one of their dragons and put it next to the spinner for the “test”. One of the players spins the spinner. (Maybe they can take turns or the winner of the first stage can have that privilege). If your dragon number has the specific factor or property indicated by the spinner this means that your dragon is tamed. (your dragon will have the specific feature, for example if it is divided by three it will have one horn) The player with the most tamed dragons is the winner.   Seems good to me! Lets see what my advisors will say.... Read More