A game in the game:)

Remember the mini game in which you use the spinner to tame your dragons? Well, the spinner is ready, after many changes.spinner

Every part has one of the dragon’s features and the specific factor or property your dragon number should have to be tamed. Except from the new part that says Evil Swap Spell. Once they save their dragons the players will tame them using the spinner. All the players choose one of their dragons and put it next to the spinner for the “test”. One of the players spins the spinner. If your dragon has the feature indicated by the spinner and your dragon number has the specific factor or the specific property ( even, odd, or square number) this means that your dragon is tamed. If the spinner indicated the Evil Swap Spell , it means that the Sorcerer of Evil has done an evil spell and the players need to swap their dragon cards (the ones tested, near the spinner) clockwise and continue spinning. The player with the most tamed dragons is the winner.


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